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English/Chinees & English/Spanish supermarket POS

"SMS contains modules that are typically outsourced, including bank integration, customer analytics, in-store mobility, consumer phone apps, in-house gift card, loyalty, and more.

In all, there are over 40 modules dedicated to providing all the tools needed to profitably run your retail enterprise."


"LOC Software delivers solutions designed to allow more frequent, profitable, and manageable transactions."

"We are the premier, fully-connected platform breaking traditional molds by bridging yesterday with the future of retail. Offering interactions wherever and whenever they make the most sense, our application suite interconnects your enterprise to processes, employees, suppliers, partners, consumers, and beyond. Modern retailing is about managing this connectivity, and no one does it better."


SAM4 POS for Android

The SAM4POS application may easily be configured for your food, beverage, or retail business and provides the functions and options you need to meet your point of service needs.


Exceptional POS Capability
Using robust integrated SAM4POS software, your authorized SAM4s dealer can customize the application to meet your specific needs by choosing from an array of features available for food and retail operators.

Ensure Speed, Security, and Efficiency with Semi-Integrated Credit, Debit and Gift Card Payments
Out of scope electronic payment sales can be processed in a single step at the SAM4POS terminal by using an optional Datacap™ integrated payment appliance.

• SAM4POS is electronic payment and gift card processing ready.
• EMV Transactions can be processed quickly using the latest Datacap IPTran-LTTM or PDC/TranServerTM technology with select PIN Pads and a persistent internet connection.


Each SAM4POS Terminal can support popular system devices including cash drawer, kitchen printer, coin dispenser, scale, pole display, kitchen video, video surveillance, UPC scanner, liquor dispenser, and Datacap Tran™ semi-integrated credit.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Back office management


Integrated Sign & Label Printing


Customer loyalty
and promotions


Physical and payments secuirty


Integrated payments


Centralized reports and price updates


Inventory managment

Food servixe.png

Food service integration

Vectron POS Touch 14 Wide HW

Stand Alone Secure Solution: As single hardware and software stand-alone solution, the Vectron POS has no operating system, which means you can feel confident that your solution is secure from any malicious third-party software attacks over the lifetime of the product.

Clover Station

Clover is designed to grow with you. Whether you need a simple payment solution or a powerful POS, Clover has a software plan for you. Clover’s cloud-based point of sale system keeps your data secure and lets you monitor your sales and manage your business from anywhere, on any device.

Cash Register Express

Cash Register Express™ (CRE) is a retail point of sale (POS) system that helps increase efficiency and accuracy, lower operating costs, and helps you manage your inventory. The easy-to-use retail POS includes the features most desired by retailers, such as inventory tracking, credit card processing, cash management, customer loyalty, employee time clock, and labor scheduling, and a detailed reporting interface to help retailers make smarter business decisions.​​​​​​​

POS Hardware 

POS printers, signature pads, card readers, paper, roll mounts, and ribbon are everything you need to keep your system working properly. ​​​​​​​

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