Restaurant POS Solutions

We have POS solutions for any size restaurant: 

full dining restaurant, quick service restaurant, bar, cafe, coffee shop, ice cream shop, yogurt shop, and many more.

"Boost your profits with better management and higher efficiency!"


KwickPOS is a cloud based restaurant POS system. With its highly developed SaaS features, it is easy to manage and maintain the operation of multiple restaurants.

KwickMenu Online Order

Open your online restaurant and no need to purchase POS system! You can absolutely manage your online order platform by yourself and don’t have to key in any orders!

KwickPOS Self-order Kiosk

The self-order kiosks enable guests to browse, order, and route the order directly to the kitchen. Now, your staff can focus on guest experience rather than internal communication.

Vectron POS Touch 14 Wide HW


Stand Alone Secure Solution: As single hardware and software stand-alone solution, the Vectron POS has no operating system, which means you can feel confident that your solution is secure from any malicious third-party software attacks over the lifetime of the product.

Clover Station

"Get the POS system that does it all for your quick service restaurant (QSR) . With contactless transactions, online ordering, easy mobility, and real-time reporting, Clover’s QSR POS systems can help delight your guests – from order to pickup."

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