Ishida has accumulated vast experience in the Japanese retail sector and across Eastern Asia, applying all our know-how to making our countertop scales more accurate and efficient. Our versatile, easy-to-operate scales, ideal for wholesale stores, butchers, greengrocers and supermarkets.  



The CL5000 Scale Printer has been designed with many advanced features. With the high quality construction and the user-friendly menu driven programming we are confident that the CAS CL5000 Scale Printer will meet all of your most demanding requirements. The CL5000 is capable of printing a variety of custom logos, nutritional information panels, ingredient messages and other in store advertising messages. Using the included software almost any custom label design is possible.   

CAS CL-5000


Feature rich, easy to use label printing scale. Use the most popular label formats. 4,000 PLU's, easy to set up and user friendly. Use in supermarkets, specialty stores, deli's and more. Fully programmable scale with printer, auto printing and Save keys for pre pack, zero, tare, tare save and pre pack functions.

CAS LP-1000

The PD-II POS Interface scale connects with cash registers or POS systems. Available in 15 to 150 lb capacities. Use in supermarkets, cafeterias, specialty stores, shipping, and more.


We represent a wide variety of POS Scale Merchant Solutions, Based on what you need and your budget we give you the best recommendation. A Solutions that will help you increase your business and save money.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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